Help with External Speakers / Home Cinema System

OK, so I have my whole entertainment setup in my bedroom and I am quickly running out of space due to all the technology I house in this bedroom (fucking videogames lol) Anyway, I have been wanting to get a Home Cinema system for a while as I growing tired of the built-in speakers of my Sony Bravia TV and I’m looking for something a bit more substantial.   I’m unable to fit an act...[Read More]

Wozniak Talks NSA, iOS 7,

Very interesting comparing USA to the old Communist Russia.

Speedtest Connection Rate

Go to Speedtest and post your connection right.

Joe Rogan Expierence Podcast 310 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Possibly one of the best episodes of JRE in a while. If you have the time definitely check it out, or even download this episode through iTunes.

iPhone 5 Revealed & Earbuds become EarPods

Its now just glass and aluminum and 18 percent thinner than the 4S and 20 percent lighter at 112 grams, with a larger 4-inch in-cell display. The new version of Apple’s Retina panel is 1136 x 640, which works at 326ppi. The new iSight camera is up now at 28 megapixels from the 8 megapixel iPhone 4s camera and does 1080p HD video. iPhone 5 Improvements: + Larger retina display + Comes with ne...[Read More]

Psychoanalysis Of The Facebook ‘Like’ Button

“A huge number of studies have proven that Facebook is leaving a path of depression in its wake for millions of those who use it, and others have shown that the appeal of Facebook is strongest in those with deeper psychiatric issues” Most of my friends know I am not the biggest fan of Facebook. I’m not into “popular” things for the most part. So yes, I found this arti...[Read More]

Facebook’s Zuckerberg: Leadership, Games & Conquering Virtual Worlds

With Facebook’s IPO on its first day of trading I found this an interesting quote providing some insight on how useful that entertaining game you play could very well be. “We heard from people close to Mr. Zuckerberg that part of his leadership skills can be attributed to his penchant for playing games that involve conquering virtual worlds. A favorite video game of his as a boy was “C...[Read More]

Issues with my 360 and TV

So Just switched on my 360 to play some The Witcher 2 and I keep getting a message on my TV which is a Sony Bravia saying “Unsupported signal. Adjust your PC setting” The actual display comes on but I get no sound. I’m connected via HDMI which I always am and this has never happened before. I’ve tried restoring my tv back to factory settings and it didn’t work. I̵...[Read More]

The Pirate Bay to Return and Defy International Filesharing Crackdown

The Pirate Bay has said it will sidestep the crackdown by “our common enemies” with a new downloading system to be unveiled next week. In a statement on its official Facebook page, the site said that from 29 February it will stop offering downloads via torrents – which allow users to download music or films directly from their internet browser – and switch to so-called “magnet li...[Read More]

ZUCKERBERG: Five Core Values for how we run Facebook

Facebook has just launched their IPO. With that we now have a peek at how they operate. In the filing there is a letter from founder Mark Zuckerburg and in the letter he outlines some principles that has guided the meteoric rise of Facebook. The whole letter is also a great read for those interested in Facebooks strategy and outlook on social media and global connectedness. A link to the full piec...[Read More]

Why I’m fighting SOPA

Check out this article below that talks about the SOPA and PIPA legislation. Here’s a quick quote: “Had these SOPA supporters made their content available easily and affordably, they’d have no problem selling it, he said. ”If you ask someone why they ‘Bit Torrented’ a movie, it’s because they couldn’t buy it or rent it.” He added: “It’s not the consumer’s fault that the content they want has not b...[Read More]

ZAGGfolio For iPad 2 Review

WHAT IS IT? A wireless bluetooth keyboard and case for the iPad 2. When in the open position it kind of turns your ipad 2 into a mini PC or netbook of sorts. The case is made of a hard plastic and holds the ipad and keyboard when closed. If you have an iPad and you need to do some typing on the go and the thought of lugging a laptop makes you cringe I think this product is a very nice way to go. F...[Read More]

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