Uncharted on NGP at GDC 2011

Gizmodo has just posted this nice hands on video of NGP at GDC 2011. This video features a live demo of Uncharted and chows off some of the features and optional control methods. More video of NGP at Gizmodo.

NGP Next Generation Portable (PSP2): Presentation Reveal Video

Here is video of the presentation showing the demo reel aired at the reveal of the NGP system earlier today. This video shows Uncharted, Killzone and a few other games in action on the system and is a decent quality video. Here is part 2 and 3 of the presentation. Both videos provide a closer look at the NGP hardware, its software related features and upcoming games.

NGP (PSP2) Game Lineup Revealed, Uncharted Confirmed

Having the right launch titles is key for the success of any console launch. Sony mentioned quite a few titles during today’s Next Generation Portable (NGP) announcement. A major point made during the NGP PlayStation Meeting 2011 is how easy it is to port existing PS3 games to this new portable device. A version Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune were demoed live on the system. Hi...[Read More]

Sony Reveals NGP: Next Generation Portable (PSP2)

The successor to the PSP will not be the PSP2 as rumored. The new PlayStation Portable system system will be called “Next Generation Portable” or NGP for short. They plan to release this device this calendar year. The system appears to be about the size of the PSP 2000 models and sports a large vibrant OLED touch screen (main screen) and two analog sticks. There are also touch pads in ...[Read More]

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