Motorstorm 3D Rift

PS3 3D Game Review Roundup

Sony is pushing 3D pretty hard adding it as a bonus feature with many of its upcoming games including Infamous 2, Killzone 3 and more. Many older games have been updated with new 3D functionality as well. Since acquiring a 3D television I have been able to play just about every 3D game on the Playstation 3 and if you are interested in the tech or are wondering if a particular game is worth trying ...[Read More]

GameManx Podcast Episode 115: Uncharted 3 / Dead Nation

Uncharted 3 predictions, VGA Awards, Dead nation, zombie games of the year, Alan Wake, a PlayStation 3D game roundup including: Gran Turismo 5 3D, Motorstorm 3D Rift, Wipeout HD in 3D, SuperStardust HD in 3D, HD Television lag, Gears of War 3 and more.

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