Hilarious Street Fighter V Launch Tweets This Week

Here’s some of the funniest tweets I came across on Street Fighter V this week. If you came across any share them! Fans have been asking for a new Street Fighter Alpha, so Capcom decided to release Street Fighter V while it is still in Alpha — CEO Kaz Hirai (@KazHiraiCEO) February 15, 2016 【SFV】Infiltration vs. Street Fighter V — Furious (@Furious_blog)...[Read More]

Hitman Absolution – Launch Trailer

Hitman Absolution is available in the US and UK from today!   It looks awesome.

Assassin’s Creed III Launch Trailer

7 days to go.   It looks sooooo good. I hope this kick starts my interest in the series.

Mass Effect 3: Official Launch Trailer

Is it Tuesday yet????

Nintendo 3DS Launch Line Starter: Three Days Early?!

I am really trying to say something without hating but c’mon son. Standing in line at BestBuy three days early for something you have pre-ordered? Also interesting that no one else is lined up. Did I mention it was three days early? No one on line may be a sign that its too early. Different strokes I guess and hey at least he’s determined. It is funny though.

NGP (PSP2) Game Lineup Revealed, Uncharted Confirmed

Having the right launch titles is key for the success of any console launch. Sony mentioned quite a few titles during today’s Next Generation Portable (NGP) announcement. A major point made during the NGP PlayStation Meeting 2011 is how easy it is to port existing PS3 games to this new portable device. A version Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune were demoed live on the system. Hi...[Read More]

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Among Other 3DS Launch Titles

The launch lineup of Nintendo 3DS titles have been announced and Super Street Fighter IV 3D has made the cut. Some of the most anticipated titles have not made the launch lineup such as Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil Revelations, and Mario Kart 3DS. Here is the list 3DS launch lineup: + Pilotwings Resort + Nintendogs + Cats + Steeldiver + Dead or Alive + Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D + Madden NFL ...[Read More]

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Launch Trailer

Here is the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Launch Trailer. The game drops tomorrow December 21, 2010.

Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack Launch: Disappointing

Ok, so this morning before heading out the door I decide ill take a good 30 minutes to download and try out the new Halo 3 maps released today. So I go to the marketplace and see the Map Pack available and think “SWEET!”. After payment to Microsoft for more points the download of the map pack went without a hitch. “SWEET!” Then I start up Halo 3 and see that access to the n...[Read More]

First Look: Cammy & M. Bisons Psyco Crusher in HD

Well the good (and slow to update) folks at the Official Capcom Blogs just posted up come new HD images of Cammy and M. Bison doing his cheeze move Psyco Crusher. Also in their update they mention

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