The Hadojo Show Beta

The gangs back and the equipment test stream ended up being a ton of laughs! We discuss twitch haters, Metal Gear Solid V, GTAV Online, Driveclub updates, Bloodborne, Star Wars Battlefront, Devils Third, Street Fighter V, Firewatch and the new website!

Driveclub Updated: Will get “No Limits” Expansion Featuring City Tracks

Driveclub is dropping a pretty significant FREE update tomorrow that includes the following and makes way for the Upcoming “No Limits” expansion. Here are the details and the trailer: This update brings 6 new “Scotland – Old Town” tracks to the game for free, along with Hardcore handling, new Elite, Driver & Club Levels & many more improvements based on your f...[Read More]

Official Playstation 4 Perfect Day Commercial

This is one funny commercial.  It appears that Sony have put three Playstation 4 launched titles in this commercial.  I can’t figure out the first game, but the second game was Driveclub and the last game was Killzone Shadow Fall. Anyways, this was a good way to bring in the humor for Sony.  Kudos to you guys.  I’d enjoyed the commercial.  Now, back to my hands cramping up on this port...[Read More]

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