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The Official I Just Copped That Thread (original pics only)

Post what you bought this month. Only original photos that you take. You can upload your photos here or here and use [*img] bbcode in the comments. GO, GO. GO! LOL

podcast schedule

Trying to get everyone back on the next podcast. Talon, Szuter, Scatigno. Whats everyone’s availability this weekend starting today?

Black Friday Purchases

Anyone purchased anything on Black Friday today? This is the first year I see Canada fully get involved in Black Friday. Made no major purchases just some Blu-Rays over the Amazon & Cineplex Black Friday Week Sales. – Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises @ 7.99 each – Man of Steel 3D @ $24 ( not a real deal in terms of the price but I get a Movie ticked for free $13 value)...[Read More]

Kangaroo Not Only Boxes But Knows How To Apply the Sleeper Hold.

This was wild.  I didn’t know what to think but I couldn’t stop laughing at the end of the video.  I kept hearing “WHO’S NEXT” in Goldberg voice.

C’mon Son! Official Thread

Ill just post this here…

Best Arrest Ever

I need to know the backstory of this arrest.

What are you listening too???

You know the routine people. Just tell us, the community, what you are listening to. Wu-Tang – Bring the Rawkus – Enter the 36 Chambers. :^:Classic:^:

Site Upgrades…

Discuss site updates, errors, etc…

Brook from NBS?

Hey I was bored at work for a sec, and wondered if NBS was still up.. Someone in a thread someplace mentioned that this is Brook from NBS’s new site? Is this true? If it is, you should hollar at me – This is Shauna aka HeavenSent from NBS and its been awhile! Also, on a sidenonte, as per your site’s subject matter, I now work for a major video game company. Weird how life turns o...[Read More]

Site maintenance & upgrades

  The site improvement and upgrade thread Thanks for your patience.

Black Friday 2012

The only positive black labeled shit in the media lol. What are you all doing on black friday? Here is a link to amazon deals. Amazon highlights: Lumines vita $15 Dishonored PS3- $25.00 Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition- $10.00 Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set- $99.99 etc.

US Election 2012 – Obama vs Romney

I don’t understand your election whatsoever but who you guys voting for?   Did Obama have a good first term as President?

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