GameManx Podcast

GameManx Podcast Ep. 214: Post Holidays

Flu season, 12 Years a Slave vs Django Unchained, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Vita, Dont starve and more.

GameManx Podcast Ep: 213 PS4 & Xbox One Launch

PS4 and Xbox 360 hardware and UI discussion. Killzone Shadowfall, Battlefield 4, Resogun and Need for Speed Rivals for PS4. Ryse, Forza, and Fifa for Xbox one. Wii U, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. Tearaway for Vita and more…

GameManx Podcast Ep. 212 – Back to Business

GTA V, Batman Origins Blackgate, PS4, Xbox One, Upcoming console launches, catching up and more…

GameManx Podcast Ep. 211: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, hiphop festivals and podcast live taping’s, Beyond Two Souls, Rayman Legends, Killzone Mercanary, Vita warranty repairs, and more..

GameManx Podcast Ep. 210: Grand Opening, Grand Closing

GTA V, Spelunky, Kilzone Mercenary, Dragons Crown, Rayman Legends, Mighty No 9 kickstarters. ………. I was just posting this before heading out to the airport to see my family. As I was posting this just got a call and found out that my father just passed away. Sorry limbo was the first thing that came to mind… and my photoshop stopped working.

GameManx Podcast Ep. 209 Wolverine Comebacks

Wolverine and Pacific Rim movies, Evo 2013, Ultra Street Fighter IV announcements, Microsoft Xbox One Indie self publishing and “Blow-Fish” twitter drama, Steam Summer sale aftermath, Mercenary Kings, Kanye Quest, GTA V first gameplay video and more…

GameManx Podcast Ep 208: Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa Rebirth, Streaming video games, Hotline Miami, Donkey Kong 3DS, and more…

GameManx Podcast Ep 207: E3 2013 & The Last of Us

This week its The Last of Us then a discussion about E3 2013 conferences.

GameManx Podcast Ep 206: Ok, so Xbox One… anyone!?

We discuss the Xbox One reveal event in all its non-realized glory. Announced features, comparisons to the PS4’s reveal event and more.

GameManx Podcast Ep.205: Dragons Dogma

Soul Sacrifice (kinda), New Streaming features, Deadly Premonition, and more…

GameManx Podcast Ep 204: Kifflom

Guacamelee, Soul Sacrifice, site updates, GTA V teasers, ┬áNintendo eshops and more…

GameManx Podcast Ep 203: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite, Xbox Always online rumors, WiiU and more…

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