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    We are only in February and there has already been some great games released. Things are only going to get better as the months progress and those killer titles start arriving. So my question to you in what is your most anticipated game of 2016, if it has not already been released, and why?


    I’ll start things off.

    Dark Souls III


    Ohhhhhhhhh Yeah! People would probably think Uncharted 4 would be my most anticipated game of 2016, but I think Dark Souls III just about edges it, because I know that out of all the games coming this year I will sink the most hours into this and have fun whilst doing it.

    There is something about this series that just clicks with me, from the story, to the gameplay, to the atmosphere, to the music. I love it all. It is definitely a game about secrets and discovery, and the more you play it the more you will get out of it.

    Coming off the back of my Game of the Year 2015, Bloodborne, I am hoping that  Dark Souls III will be a return to form now that Miyazaki-san is back directing. Dark Souls II was a GREAT game, but it had issues and was just a slight disappointment after the masterpiece that was the original game.


    So get discussing guys, and the best answers will also have chance of winning one of 5 download codes for Rainbow Moon on PS4, which will be released this coming tuesday.



    * Side Note* These download codes are for the EU version of the game, so if you live outside you will need to create an EU PSN account in order to have access to it. Don’t be alarmed though, creating an account is extremely easy to do.

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    Saw this on twitter and thought, why not, Any opportunity to win Rainbow Moon on the PS4 and I’m there!!


    I thikn the one game I’m looking forward to most this year is Horizon Zero Dawn.

    I’ve always loved the Killzone games, and this looks like such a contrast to what they are known for, I can’t wait for it.

    Just seeing the release trailers and screenshots full of vibrant colours, beautiful scenery, and epic set pieces, all in a massive open world as well.

    I only played a bit of the first souls game, wasn’t really my bag, so gave the rest a miss, although I must say Bloodborne did look quite good fun, so may pick that up at some point.


    Other than that, I just want BOI: Afterbirth for PS4!!! (I know it’s been out on PC a while as well)

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    For me its Mirrors edge catalyst! mirrors edge catalyst

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    Talking about most anticipated games, I’m not sure what are the titles to be released in 2016, but I’m hoping Final Fantasy XV is set to be released this year.

    This game has been in development for a long time now that even the smallest latest news is very much anticipated at this point. The “final” target release date is said to be revealed in the coming E3.


    The last trailer reveals that the game has a part where players are sneaking in a military compound battling gigantic robots and militia. Much like how FFVI and FFVII are.

    Demo Episode Duscae from Type 0, on the other hand, showed the part where it’s more like FFVIII and FFXIII.

    With all of these to consider I think FFXV is the most anticipated game of 2016




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    persona 5

    persona 5 gif

    persona 5

    persona 5 looks great. looks more action oriented great art style, the series is known for having great music and hours of content

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    Leigh Kennedy

    There are so many good games coming out this year but probably the one I’m most excited about is Kingdom hearts 3.

    First of, I’lljust put it out there it looks gorgeous!! Sora definitely needed a revamp and he looks awesome as a result.

    I always enjoyed the faster paced gamelay as opposed to something like old school final fantasy. Makes tough battles alot more interesting. Square seem to have taken a leaf out of metal gears book and made it a bit less linear. With the acquisition of some huge franchises by Disney, the possibilities of some amazing world’s to play in get my super stoked!!

    Also the fact I’ve waited about 10 years for this game :p

    Might not win any game of the year awards but I have no doubt in my mind I will absolutely love this game!!

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    Liam Byrne

    My most anticipated game of 2016 is Dark Souls 3 because I’ve been a souls fan forever I platinumed  Phil platinum demon souls so I’m a BIGGGGGGG fan

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    I like far cry primal
    Bcz ,criticalyy acclaimed far cry series is talking a step back
    In time. To a sovage period in which humanity was at the bottom of the food chain . This is the stone age

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    So many….man where do I start. Final Fantasy Worlds as well as Final Fantasy 7 Remake are my two main ones! I’m honestly really looking forward to Overwatch as well, really want to see what Blizzard can do with a genre that I’m honestly not very fond of. Also Bravely Second: End Layer, really enjoyed the first one and loved the idea and how the system played out. Just been looking up things on Far Cry Primal and having never played a Far Cry game it might be enjoyable so…yeah it’s going to be a good year!

    Here’s hoping I get a shot at a code, really want to give this game a play 😀

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    Sorry dude, all the codes have been sent out. I’ll have more giveaways come soon. Stay active on the site and the forums and you will be in with a better chance of winning.

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    No Man’s Sky

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