Metal Gear Online “CLOAKED IN SILENCE” DLC Released

Metal Gear Online “CLOAKED IN SILENCE” DLC Released

A new update to Metal Gear Online released today for Metal Gear Solid V owners that includes 3 new multiplayer maps and some extras.

Rust Palace set in the desert, Coral Complex which is a Metal Gear Solid 2 style base, and Azure mountain which is set in the jungle.

There is also new missions, balance changes and the inclusion of Quiet as a playable character. At the $3.99 it think I might give this a shot. I really enjoyed Metal gear Solid V. One of my favorite games last year,

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    Seems a nice price for dlc. I got rid of the game ages ago, couldn’t finish it for the story. The gameplay was rock solid tho, multiplayer was a lot of fun for awhile.

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    Yeah I really liked the game and the story and I thought the twist was interesting. Of course theres cheezy stuff in there but that goes with metal gear… always has. They shouldn’t have added int he filler missions but you could just skip them. Thats what I did. I played the DLC and multiplayer and its not bad at all. I played it for much linger than I expected,

    I need to write a full review on the game and post it here … :/


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