The Walking Dead S2: Ep:1 “All That Remains” Review

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    Im holding off till the season pass hits the store.

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    Season Pass is finally out $14.99

    Who do yo think Clementine saw in the previews for episode 2?
    I’m thinking Kenny.
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      So now you played it, my review any good?

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        Yeah its pretty much spot on.
        Game is full of bugs luckily never any major ones that will keep me from enjoying the game.
        Telltale has too many projects on their hands too that might mean bugs in the game will continue.

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          what system version did you play? I want to replay it on vita now that I have it but damn I have to replay it which is waaaack. I already did a few episodes of season one 2 times already because of the pc bug. Ill never get to season 2 at this rate lol :/

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            I played it on PS3, that’s where I played Season One so my saves carried over.

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    Episode 2 is out in North America tomorrow. Still waiting on an EU release date. I have requested code for it, so give my review another read to prepare you for tomorrow lol.


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