Black Friday Purchases

Anyone purchased anything on Black Friday today?

This is the first year I see Canada fully get involved in Black Friday.

Made no major purchases just some Blu-Rays over the Amazon & Cineplex Black Friday Week Sales.

– Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises @ 7.99 each

– Man of Steel 3D @ $24 ( not a real deal in terms of the price but I get a Movie ticked for free $13 value)

– Despicable me 2 3D @ $17 + Free  Movie ticket

– Pacific Rim 3D @ $17

– Firefly Complete Series @ $15

– Lastly I ordered Kingdom Hearts @$19 but it is out of stock so I might wait awhile.

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    Got Tales Of Xiia for $19 as well.

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    Is Men of Steel good?

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      I meant Man of Steel lol. You seen it right?

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        Here you go, Szuter…

        ARVE Error: no id set

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        LOL, yeah I was just fucking with you.

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      Lol gay porn


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