Official ‘Humble Bundle’ Thread

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    fuk yes. great thread! Should also be the humble bundle key share/trade thread.

    Dead space 3 for $1 and giving away the other keys is a GO!

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    got extra codes if anyone wants one

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    I have an extra Steam code for Burnout Paradise. I already bought it when it was on sale some weeks back if anyone wants that too.

    Origin servers are being slammed right now. Can’t redeem the Origin only codes at the moment.

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    Got the latest one with stand up comedy
    Louis CK, Patrice O’Neal Jim Norton + others.

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    Got a Stealth Bastard Steam Key
    Anyone want it.

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    Humble Bundle 9 looks awesome
    -Trine 2
    – Mark fo Ninja
    – Eat Munchies Beat
    -Brutal Legends
    -FTL : Faster Than Light

    More will be added


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