Star Trek Into Darkness – Official Teaser

Into Darkness has a release date of May 17, 2013.


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    After coming out of Star Trek Into Darkness I was a bit angry. Angry how Hollywood is getting lazy. Its been happening for years and I’m just picking on Star Trek today.

    By no means do I think it was a bad movie, totally the opposite I think it was a decent summer movie. Visuals very amazing, while I saw it in regular screen format I am sure it looks stunning in the 3D IMAX. I didn’t care much for the story personally than again same could be said for all other Star Trek. Also don’t think it surpassed the last one.

    First off I hated when at one point the Enterprise crew gets into trouble and who can help them? Only the fucking villain can. Ohh yeah sure bring him out of his cell and let him out to help you he isnt going to stab you in the back. Wrong. I’m sure everyone saw that from a mile away. Getting help from the villain without anything going wrong what a joke.

    Another scene that had me shaking my head in disbelief and this one happens way to often in movies. The main character “dies”. But then me gets magically brought back to live. Come on everyone knew he is going to be revived somehow. I’m sure they are planning a few more Star Trek films so of course he can’t die. Do they even have to bother setting up this fake drama.

    While I am speaking on the revival did they really need to bring Khan back? They said they needed Khan to revive Kirk but they had all those other bodies on the ship. Was there blood not the same? This one isn’t necessary a big problem if it was clear only Khan had the special blood.

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      Oh wow. Im so glad you posted that because I was thinking of seeing it this weekend but the Star Trek review on Wired made me pause but you confirm what they say.

      Their review is titled: Review: Disappointing Star Trek Into Darkness Is Just a Disposable Summer Movie

      lol damn.

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        Skip it.
        Story is horrible.
        The villain wasnt written well into the story.
        Action is good, visuals are nice too.

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          Saw it last night. Yeah the villian was bad ass but like you said they didnt flesh him out enough at all. Also damn your right on alll spoiler points. Super huge plot holes.

          how did dude know to unfreeze just khan? Why didnt the general just use the super captain america formula on his self instead lol

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