GameManx Podcast Ep 203: Bioshock Infinite

GameManx Podcast Ep 203: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite, Xbox Always online rumors, WiiU and more…

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    This Post includes spoilers


    Good stuff. Glad you did a spoiler portion cause thats what is necessary with this game.

    Honestly I was expecting to visit Rapture but when it happened it was awesome. Seeing the big Daddy and Little Sister was great. So like Scat said Booker had to be Andrew Ryan or Jack of that universe otherwise how would the transport work ?

    Did you catch the Fortune Son song in the game or girls just wanna have fun melody ?

    I beat the game on hard including the end. haha Brooklyn. What I like is when you first visit Columbia shit hasnt hit the fan like with Rapture.

    Have you watched Fringe ? Great show its on Netflix and deals quite a bit with parallel earths two. Not infinite but just two. Some similarities in it.

    Bought season Pass. Have you seen the post credit scene?

    EDIT(brooklyn): DUDE POST SPOILER TAGS! WTF (spoiler tags added)


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