The StreetCast Episode 4


New Drake album: Take Care
The Foreign Exchange show
Great Emcees
Herman Cain
Heavy D

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Arcade and action game lover. Artist formerly known as Brooklyn. Street Fighter bandit. Don't trust his RPG game reviews though. Follow him on Twitch


  1. Cain for President

  2. We were gonna play that clip too but the audio was kinda crappy

  3. You saw the Mike Tyson version ?

  4. Yeah there is another Funny or Die bit with all the republican candidates being spoofed.

  5. Another great podcast. Keep up the good work guys. Just downloaded the Andre 3000 mix and some Foreign Exchange because of the information I gathered from the podcast. The podcasts (video gaming podcast included) gets me through the work week at the office. Thanks again!

  6. Profile photo of realskeen

    Cool man. Thanks! If you have Spotify there are a bunch of Foreign Exchange tracks and albums on there.

    We also just updated the podcast playlist[/url] and there’s some cool beats on there. That first beat is killing it!


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