The StreetCast Episode 3

Show Topics:

+ The new website
+ Space hits up the Watch the Throne Tour
+ Odd Future concert
+ Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Spaghetti Western: Django Unchained
+ Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao?
+ Dont Be A Chump
+ Wale’s New Album
+ Shoutouts

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Arcade and action game lover. Artist formerly known as Brooklyn. Street Fighter bandit. Don't trust his RPG game reviews though. Follow him on Twitch


  1. About Muthaf****** time. Looking forward to listening to this.

  2. Profile photo of realskeen

    Your right. lol Waaay overdue.

  3. Nice cant wait to see Watch the Throne even more now.
    Also dont need to listen to Wale’s album havent really cared for his music since the first album.

  4. The ending was emotional LOOOOOL!!!, but yo when you mentioned that Jay-Z illegitimate child shit I googled it straight away. What king of BS is he trying to pull lol, you know that kid is his.

  5. Profile photo of realskeen

    your girl was emotional lol.

  6. After she found out I was fucking yo girl, ye she was lol.

  7. Profile photo of realskeen


  8. Lmao!!!!


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