John Daly’s ProStroke Golf Review

John Daly’s ProStroke Golf Review


When I first heard about John Daly’s Pro Stroke Golf, I was excited to try it out. There has been major emphasis on the game having been built from the ground up to take full advantage of the Playstation Move controller tech.


Unfortunately, even though the Move controls do work, it is not enough to make it a good game and one worth buying. Especially considering that you can buy Tiger Woods 11, which also has Move controls and is available at a low price.

John Daly’s Pro Stroke Golf comes with numerous games modes, including Tournament, Challenge and Exhibition, inclduing 16 playable courses. I could not bring myself to try out all these modes and courses though and I’ll explain why.


The menus are horrible to navigate. You navigate the menus using the Move controller and it is clunky and it’s awkward to actually get yourself into a game mode and start playing.


When you finally get onto the course the first thing you will notice is the sub-par graphics. The games visuals are bland, bear bones and look like it’s come straight out of the PS2 era. The power of the PS3 has not been taken advantage of at all. It looks archaic quite frankly.

Voice commentary is dull and does nothing to draw you into the experience, and you sometimes wish they would just shut up. Infact the whole audio was dull to me. There is no custom soundtracks either.


The Move controls are the games strongest point. They are precise and they do a great job of registering every slight movement of your hand. There is though a potential downside. The controls are so precise that it felt more like a Golf Simulation than an actual game, sort of how Gran Tursimo is more of a Car Simulator than an actual game. Now I’m not saying John Daly is of caliber but that’s just the impression. So, for a player such as myself who can take or leave a game of Golf, it was quite intimidating because I don’t know the ins and out of the game and how it really should be played.


For these reasons some of the more ardent Golf fans may love it, but as a casual player I think it may be a little too daunting. I honestly couldn’t play more than a couple of hours of this game. It simply wasn’t fun to me. The graphics put me off in a big big way and even though I welcome the solid Move controls I wanted it to feel a bit more like a game instead of a simulation.



I could not recommend this game over Tiger Woods 11. Even though the Move controls were only patched through for Tiger Woods 11, they still felt great. The graphics looked worthy of this generation of consoles, there is an obscene amount of modes and customization and it is just generally a very fun game to play, especially if you play with more than one person. Having said that I believe the people who are really into the Golf scene and may play the game themselves will benefit the most from this game as it felt more like a Sim to me and it’s those kind of gamers that will appreciate it.



Unfortunately for me John Daly will remain second best, just like his Google status.

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