Capcom Fight Club Atlanta Recap

Capcom Fight Club Atlanta Recap


Last night Capcom hosted a Fight Club event for its fighting game fans in Atlanta. My third time out to a Fight Club event I was really interested to see if my experience would be any better than the last one I attended in NYC. You can also heard about that on our podcast.

In any case the line was ridiculously long as should be expected. After the last event I vowed never to go again unless I had access to bypass the whole line and this time I was able to do just that with media access. I arrived at the venue at 8pm and the line wrapped around the corner and down the block. Marvel vs Capcom is a popular franchise that features many popular franchises so interest is to be expected. With this event Capcom offered a free hands on opportunity to preview a currently unreleased game so you know people will come out in droves. Apparently everyone who waited online got inside.

Fortunately the venue they chose for the event was big enough to hold the crowd. The venue they chose at the last NYC event was so tiny it was a joke. They chose a factory loft with high ceilings and although the place was filled it was not as hot(was still hot) and wack as my last outing. So good on them for learning from past fails. Also I noticed that the PR folks at this event were much nicer to the crowd in general than past events. The DJ spun music was great as always though don’t expect to hear any game audio at these events.


There were a good amount of play setups lining the left and right sides of the venue with Marvel Vs Capcom 3 running. There was also a main setup in the front of the venue that I inadvertently jumped on and was kicked off by Seth Killian during a winning streak. He mentioned something I could not hear because of the overall loudness of everything but I did mention something about the wackness of kicking the winner off the stick during a win streak. And yes I plan to collect what you said you owe somehow someday. maybe at E3 next year. Who knows. But I guess they had plans to use that setup for some exhibition matches. I went to the closed off media area were it was much less crowded and was able to have enough time there later to try out the newer characters that were announced since my time with Marvel Vs Capcom 3 at E3 this year.

Amaterasu, Thor, Dormammu, Captain America, Super Skrull and Trish were available on the setups. I must say that my excitement for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 has waned in recent months and my time playing it last night rejuvenated my interest in the game. There were new backgrounds to check out that were not in the build I played earlier this year. The backgrounds were very detailed and vivid. I really do stand by what I said back after first playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and cannot stress enough that the game looks exponentially better in person and in motion than it does in videos and screen shots. The new characters were really fun to use. Super Skrull is also a menace with his far reaching stretchy hand attacks. I could not get into the groove with Thor (I tried 3 times) though felt right at home with Captain America. Amaterasu seemed really powerful with tons of projectile and fast attacks. Based on the gameplay I really do think that when its released that Marvel Vs Capcom 3 will please fans. Well of course that’s contingent on a good performing, functional and robust multiplayer component. Time will tell.

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