Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Review

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Review

Sonic 2

Is this the Sonic game we have all been waiting for? Read on to find out.

After years of lacklustre 3D Sonic games, Sega has finally returned to the Hedgehogs roots and returned with Sonic 4, the first in a series of downloadable games that return Sonic to his his stunning 2D side-scrolling form.

First off I would like to thank sega for the game that I and many other people have been wanting for so many years.

sonic pic 2

If you have ever played the first few games in the series back on the Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive then this game is going to be instantly familiar to you. It’s kind of like a remake/ sequel as some of stages look like the ones from back in the day but yet others feel entirely new.

The first things that are going to hit you about this game are the graphics, there is a lot of colour, something that is unfortunately missing in a lot of games today, and it looks great, even in motion. Through all my time playing I haven’t noticed any frame rate issues or screen tear. It’s just a very smooth experience, which is a must in a fast pace game like Sonic.

sonic pic 8

The same great 2D gameplay returns, only now sonic comes equipped with a homing attack, but wait, this ain’t no cheap gimmick, the attacks works, and works well in keeping with the fluidity of the game.
Sonic moves from left to right to get to the end of the stage, over coming enemies, obstacles and cork screws, it’s fast, frantic and a whole lot of fun.
Bonus levels return where you have to guide Sonic through a maze in order to collect the Chaos emeralds. These stages are just as fun and the vibrant colours look great.

sonic pic 3

Sound design is also a plus. The music sounds familiar enough to the old days but also reworked enough to give it that modern feel.

sonic pic 6

There are 4 stages in all, each consisting of 4 acts and a boss battle at the end of each one, with the final boss battle testing your skills as it includes all the variations that came before it.

The game is not perfect though. Some parts of the stages can be come frustrating when jumps need to be timed so precisely or it could mean an unfortunate death. I did come across a couple of these moments throughout the game and it definitely brings you out of the experience abit because everything just stops. It’s annoying to get into the flow of the game only to then be faced with this and fail.

Also the price can seem a little steep, depending on your skill level, you have maybe an hours worth of gameplay here for £10, $15 if your in the US. The game is not particularly hard apart from those few frustrating moments so a vet could easily run through this.

Obviously this is only episode 1 and more are planned but I would still expect more content for my money, as this is a strictly single player experience. That’s right folk, Tails, Knuckles and any of Sonics other friends do not appear in this game, it’s all about Sonic. So that means no 2 player split-screen or online, and unfortunately takes away a lot of the replay ability. Let’s hope it’s included in Episode 2.

sonic pic 7

Overall I think this is an excellent game and I can’t thank Sega enough for finally making it. If it wasn’t for the issues I mentioned, price, replayability and no 2 player then it probably would have scored a perfect 10 from me, unfortunately though I am only going to be able to give it a 9

Check out my Video Review below

Now available on PSN, XBLA & WiiWare

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