Marvel vs Capcom 3? Can it Be?

Marvel vs Capcom 3? Can it Be?


Apparently according to editor Ryan Penago’s twitter account something secret will be revealed next week that is being showed in Hawaii now.


Well we do know that Capcom’s private media event Captivate 2010 has begun in Honolulu, Hawaii. Unless we are going to get another HD remix of an only game which is unlikely after the HD remix delay fiasco then it seems like Capcom could very well be showing Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Then again it could be Capcom doing the next Marvel movie game. Im hoping for Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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  1. I also reported this rumor over on X-ism and I got my fingers crossed. Capcom Vs Marvel 3 would be great if it turns out to be true. I'm really interested in who the cast may include. I think everyone has to agree that Deadpool is a must


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