UFC Undisputed 2010 vs EA Sports MMA

UFC Undisputed 2010 vs EA Sports MMA


As a gamer and a huge MMA fan I was pleased to hear that EA Sports will be coming out with their own MMA game. I was interested which organization they will use or if they would actually use one. Which fighters will be featured in the game and how will it differ from THQ’s UFC game.

There has been lots of bad blood between the UFC and EA Sports since EA announced their MMA game at E3 2009. Dana White said that any fighter that will appear in EA’s game will be never signed by the UFC. Just recently he took back the threats because a lot of great non-UFC fighters have signed on to appear in the video game.

Both games are filled with great fighters but more recognizable names will be featured in the UFC game. Take for example Brock Lesnar who will be the cover of the UFC game he has fans going back to his WWF days and as well as people that be following his UFC career. Whenever Brock fights he brings huge number of PPV buys. More than anyone else so with him on the cover sales should be higher. The 2009 edition sold 1 million copies with Forest Griffin and Georges St.Pierre in Canada on the cover. Now there is no confirmed fighter to grace the box art of the EA game. My guess it is going to be Fedor Emelianenko unless they go the FIFA way and put multiple fighters on the cover than they should include Dan Henderson and Nick Diaz on the cover. Both being former UFC fighters.

It has been confirmed that entrances will be included in EA Sports MMA something that I was really disappointed that the UFC 2009 game did not have.


I hope both game will include a career mode where you can choose an existing fighter and go through their career rather than having make you create a fighter like you had to do in UFC Undisputed 2009. On top of that what I hated was that your fighter never aged as the years passed in his career hopefully that gets addressed.

In the EA Sports MMA you have 3 confirmed promotions that you will be able to fight in. The US promotion Strikeforce and the two Japanese promotions DREAM and Sengoku. I am pleased with this. UFC Undisputed 2010 will be just UFC. It would be awesome if they include WEC which is owned by ZUFFA same company that owns UFC.


Commentary in the UFC game will be provided Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. While EA’s game commentary will be provided by Frank Shamrock and Mauro Ranallo. This category is definitely in the favour of the UFC. I usually hate the commentary of Strikeforce events that are usually done by Ranallo and Shamrock but since its going to be pre-recorded maybe it will to be as bad as during live events.

Strikeforce is mainly shown on Showtime their upcoming event will actually be broadcast on CBS so it is a perfect time for EA Sports MMA to hype this game up since the last Strikeforce on CBS event had more than 5 million viewers at one point. That event featured the first trailer for the game. Also 7 fighters on the televised portion of the card will be featured in the game. Since they is no official release day for EA MMA there will probably might be one more CBS card before the game comes out as well as a bunch of cards on Showtime. That is a perfect time for them to really hype this game up.

Lastly I believe UFC will have the more successful game both in terms of sale and in game play since they got to improve a game rather then start from scratch. But I will be checking both of these out and will share my opinions.

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