Street Fighter 4 – Unlock Gouken Use “Perfect Match” Trick

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This is a little trick I found while trying to unlock Gouken in Street Fighter 4. This trick will make it SUPER easy to get the required “Perfect” rounds you need in order to unlock Gouken. To unlock Gouken you need two perfect rounds AND must execute three Ultra Combo finishing moves and defeat Seth without loosing any rounds and you cannot continue the game at any point before defeating Seth.

To execute this trick you simply need to do a leaping roundhouse kick(hard kick) followed by a crunching foot sweep. After this take a step back and repeat. The step back before the next one seems to be key. This is confirmed to work with Ken and with the first few opponents.

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  1. i did all of this and faced gouken and beat him but hes not on the player select menu what did i do wrong…i actually had 4 ultimate finishes and 2 perfects with no continues

  2. i'm calling BS on this one… I had 6 perfects and 4 ultimate finishes, but I still faced Akuma (second time kicking his butt)

  3. Ok here's the thing: 6 perfects and 4 ultra finishes are ok for starters, but you also need at least 10 first attacks. Also no losses means you cant lose a ROUND, not match ROUND. If you get beat by anybody you might as well start over……


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