GameManx Podcast Episode 25: Talking Shit Edition

GameManx Podcast Episode 25: Talking Shit Edition

This week we sort through all the Street Fighter HD Remix shit talking to discuss the weeks game news, and more Left 4 Dead.

Here is the rundown:

– Gamefly Trade-in Program
– Call of Duty Nazi Zombie mode
– Xbox Live Subscription Sales
– Left 4 Dead and Kojima
– Resident Evil 5 demo / run & shoot mode
– Castle Crashers DLC
– Condemned 2
– Metal Gear Solid Series / Metal Gear Acid Series
– Madcatz Street Fighter Joystick pre-orders
– Burnout Paradise
– Street Fighter HD Remix
– Lord of The Rings game
– Notorious Movie
– Wolverine Trailer

Hosts: Fallback(brooklyn), Spacerbarz, Szuter, Talon, Red Fangs

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