Street Fighter HD Remix Videos: Cammy, Zangief, DeeJay, Vega, plus more

[flashvideo filename=/flv/remix-sagat-zangief.mp4 width=600 height=345 image=/flv/remix-sagat-zangief.jpg /]
Sagat vs Zangief : [Download HD version – 42.2 MB]

Here is a batch of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix videos I recorded at the Brooklyn Street Fighter Club last Friday. These videos feature characters that are currently unplayable in the BETA. All of the characters in the game were selectable at the event but here are Cammy, Zangief, DeeJay, Guile, Vega, M. Bison, and Sagat.

[UPDATE] For all those that want to embed the vids check our YouTube channel.

Here are more videos:

[flashvideo filename=/flv/remix-cammy-zangief.mp4 width=600 height=345 image=/flv/remix-cammy-zangief.jpg /]
Cammy vs Zangief : [Download HD version – 106 MB]

[flashvideo filename=/flv/remix-dj-guile.mp4 width=600 height=345 image=/flv/remix-dj-guile.jpg /]
Dee Jay vs Guile : [Download HD version – 96 MB]

[flashvideo filename=/flv/remix-vega-bison.mp4 width=600 height=345 image=/flv/remix-vega-bison.jpg /]
Vega vs M. Bison : [Download HD version – 48.8 MB]

[flashvideo filename=/flv/remix-ryu-sagat.mp4 width=600 height=345 image=/flv/remix-ryu-sagat.jpg /]
Ryu vs Sagat : [Download HD version – 99.4 MB]

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