Gizmodo: Wii Fit Review

Gizmodo: Wii Fit Review

Gizmodo is one of the sites I do frequent in my never ending and unquenchable gadget lust. They just posted a pretty thorough review of Wii Fit that you should check out if you are interested in Wii Fit.

Wii Fit will be released in the U.S. this week and is something I plan to buy to help track my personal fitness progress. I currently jog and go to the gym and it would be nice to have something at home to track my weight and BMI. Anyway here is a except (from the end) of the review:

If you need a little help getting into shape for the first time or back to your former glory, Wii Fit is the coolest, most interactive and kind way to ease your bloated body back into activity. And for serious athletes, it’s a fun supplemental tool for measuring weight over time, and for improving balance on your days off. It’s real exercise, but mild compared to what you’d get with free weights or running or swimming.

Let’s put it this way: While I exercised a total of 7 hours in a week with Wii Fit, I probably burned about a combined 1000 calories. Even though my muscles feel significantly tighter, even in just 7 days, I easily wiped that weigh loss potential away with the single pint of ice cream I ate watching Lost.

So what’s it good for? In fitness, no machine can ever replace the the drive to be healthy. Not bowflex, not thighmaster, and not Wii Fit. The real differnce here is that Wii Fit builds fitness consciousness, reminding us of our body’s state of being, chiding us for bad habits while encouraging the good. And this is while building up the basic fitness necessary to start doing high intensity workouts or sports. It makes exercise feel like a video game, and we all know we can have fun playing those for hours.

Be sure to check out the full Wii Fit review here.

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