Halo 3, Double EXP for Cinco De Mayo

Halo 3 Cinco De Mayo

Bungie adds a new playlist for Cinco De Mayo which will reward players with double EXP though the Cinco De Mayo games requires both the Heroic and Legendary map packs. A clever move by Bungie to entice players away from the Xbox Live madness that is GTA IV. Clever but probably not enough.

As of 26 minutes ago, the weekend double EXP playlist has gone live. This weekend’s theme? Well, Cinco De Mayo is coming up and so we here at Bungie’s dark forboding towers thought “Hey, it’s time for a Fiesta!” And what better way to throw a fiesta than with the Fiesta gametype? Fiesta, for those of you not familiar with the throwback to Halo 2, is a game where you spawn with random weapons. Craziness and good times ensue. Enjoy!

As per earlier announcements, Cinco De Mayo requires both the Heroic and Legendary map packs for participation. Rather than the standard Monday morning time, this weekend’s playlist will be available until Tuesday.

Link: Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Madness Begins!

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  1. LoL @ the picture

  2. There’s always a catch to everything. I really don’t feel like spending my hard earned cash for the Legendary maps. As long as the frickin gas prices are the way they are I will be forced to prioritize my gaming needs. And that pretty much sucks.

    I hope you guys do another contest soon so I can at least have a chance to score the maps though.


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